Blueberry Bungalow

by Konnie Viner

Maci Driscoll was a happily married, successful artist enjoying life on the coast of Maine. The sudden death of her beloved husband rocked both her world and her faith. Anger, bitterness, and resentment fills her heart and stifles her art.

Seeking peace and a fresh start, she sells her seaside home and moves inland to a lovely century bungalow surrounded by blueberry fields. As she learns the history of her new home and the struggles and losses of its original owner, Maci finally finds the courage to deal with her own grief and waning faith.

But Maci’s new home has more to share than just its owner’s history. A simple renovation project brings hidden items to light. Can she reunite a star-crossed couple, solve a decades-old murder, and find herself again? Or will she remain in the sorrow and increasing bitterness that’s weighing her down?

Award Winning
Amaryllis Journey

In her debut novel, author Konnie Viner creates a beautiful story of hope and healing in the wake of devastation. Amaryllis Journey is an emotional tale of one woman’s struggle to move out of the pain and insecurity of marital betrayal and divorce, into the light of God’s grace. Her new life is facilitated by a wise friend who has been where she is and knows that what is broken is not useless and what is bare can bloom again.

“I’ve experienced many of the same emotions and insecurities that Shannon does. I wrote her story so others can know that the disappointments and failures of your past don’t have to dictate what’s to come.” When Viner chose to have Rose rescue cracked and broken pots and make them into something beautiful, it was with deliberate intent. “I love Rose’s passion for bringing beauty from the broken. Her repurposed containers carry the beauty of God’s creation (flowers) into the world. Our lives are like her art. We are vehicles for God’s grace. Our chips and cracks do not diminish His glory. They showcase His power and His redeeming love.”

Reeling from the pain and rejection of a nasty divorce, Shannon Enright decides to start life over—in a new town, with a new job, new home, new friends. It isn’t easy, but things are finally starting to come together for her. Secrets from her marriage are still unfolding, but she grits her teeth and moves on. Looking for diversion, Shannon volunteers at a local florist shop and tearoom. There she finds more than she ever imagined.

Rose Daniels owns and operates the Amaryllis, a unique gift shop in Shannon’s new town. She repurposes broken household items, turning them into beautifully useful works of art. But Rose’s real purpose is to help others find beauty in the brokenness of life. She counsels young women like Shannon, showing them the quiet love of a faithful God and teaching them to trust His plan.

When Shannon’s ex returns, at first to sweet-talk and then to demand, it’s Rose’s counsel that keeps Shannon safe and sane. But Rose has been hiding her own dark and dangerous secrets, and her past is about to catch up with her.

When things come crashing down around them, will either woman find the strength to let God showcase the perfect imperfections of their lives?

book award

Rested Soul, Resilient Heart: Finding Hope in the Storms of Abuse and Betrayal

Embark on a healing journey which will increase your faith, provide strength, align your priorities, and give you renewed hope for healing.

Chapter 1        Devastated—Assess the Damage

Chapter 2        ­Deceived—Abandon the Lies

Chapter 3        Distressed—Address Your Fears

Chapter 4        Defined—Appropriate God’s Promises

Chapter 5        Drawn—Affirm Your Worth

Chapter 6        Determined—Accept God’s Plan

Chapter 7        Derailed—Avoid Future Traps

Chapter 8        Devoted—Abide in His Presence

You can confidently place your past, present, and future in God’s capable hands!

He can be trusted to heal the pain of the past, keep you safe, and guide you in the future.

“But I trust in You, Lord; I say, ‘You are my God my times are in Your hands.’” Psalm 31:14

Rested Soul Resilient Heart Cover

Her first book, Rested Soul, Resilient Heart: Finding Hope in the Storms of Abuse and Betrayal (2017), is an eight-week study in Psalms to help Christian women find victory in the aftermath of these relationships.

God’s faithfulness seems elusive when abuse and betrayal cause devastating emotional storms.

There will be difficult decisions ahead, but Jesus is the true anchor that holds securely in every storm. Daily opportunities are provided for hope and healing by Praying the Scriptures, Recalling God’s Faithfulness, and Listening to His Voice.

You can rely on God’s promised faithfulness, which is the key that unlocks hope in the darkest emotional storms. A journey that began in deep pain can end in renewed faith and trust.