As I walked past fields of Queen Anne’s Lace wildflowers this summer, I was reminded of a conversation many years ago. My mother and father were visiting from Kansas and we were walking in my neighborhood. When a field of Queen Anne’s Lace came into view, she mentioned it was her favorite wildflower. Because it isn’t a beauty among wildflowers, I asked her why.

            My Dad’s sideways grin revealed he knew what her reply was going to be. “Because it is so intricate and reminds me of the crocheted lace tablecloths my mother used to make.” She continued to explain that most people don’t even notice its beauty because you have to observe the flower up close to see its intricate design. Usually the vastness of God’s creation is what most people admire—mountains, oceans, lakes, trees, etc.

            But, to Mom the Queen Anne Lace flower was a reminder that God takes time to create the intricate and detailed as well as the grand beauty. I think it’s also a reminder that we need to S-T-0-P to observe its intricacy. This flower isn’t something which can be appreciated from afar.

            Mom and Dad are both gone now; enjoying more of God’s glorious creations in Heaven. Unimaginable beauty, I am sure. I miss them both so much! But, every time I see Queen Anne’s Lace I think of Mom and smile.

            Are there things you may need to take more time to observe and appreciate? The plain, white, lacy flower doesn’t grab attention as many flowers do. We need to pause and view its beautiful design as a reminder that God cares about details in His creation…and in our lives. He is a God of detail. Be reminded the next time you see Queen Anne’s Lace flowers.

All Things were made and came into existence through Him,
And without Him not even one thing was made
that has come into being.
John 1: 1-3 Amplified

Konnie Viner

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